Table Tennis

U3A Table Tennis

One of the regular activities at the Delphi Centre

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.

Except for the initial serve, the rules are generally as follows: players must allow a ball played toward them to bounce one time on their side of the table, and must return it so that it bounces on the opposite side at least once.

A point is scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules. Play is fast and demands quick reactions. Spinning the ball alters its trajectory and limits an opponent's options, giving the hitter a great advantage.

table tennis

Table tennis is not only a sports event but social too. Phone and chat you may well be very glad that you did. We need to be wearing appropriate casual clothing with safe footwear for play.  There are four tables (we own three and borrow one), nets, balls, bats all available. There is a sprung floor and air conditioning.  It costs each member £13 a quarter which includes room hire and tea/coffee.  A second group started in February 2016 on Friday mornings at Delphi Social Club and has room for more members. Contact our group leader Wendy Jones Tel: 01787 469049

Our U3A Table Tennis Teams meet every week at the
Delphi Centre, Newton Road,Sudbury,Co10 2RR

1st team meet every Monday morning 10 am until noon
2nd meet every Friday morning 10 am till 11.30 am
throughout the year except for Bank Holidays.

Contact our group leader Wendy Jones Tel: 01787 469049

This group is part of U3A The University of the Third Age (U3A)

The UK U3A movement (based loosely on the French model) aims to encourage groups of people in their third age to come together and continue their enjoyment of learning in subjects of interest to them. From the start, the guiding principles were to promote lifelong learning through self-help interest groups covering a wide range of topics and activities as chosen by their members. The 'third age' is defined by a time in your life (not necessarily chronological) where you have the opportunity to undertake learning for its own sake.

There is no minimum age, but a focus on people who are no longer in full-time employment or raising a family. The founders envisaged a collaborative approach with peers learning from each other. The U3A movement was to be self-funded, with members not working towards qualifications but learning purely for pleasure. There would be no distinction between the learners and the teachers – everyone could take a turn at being both if they wished.

From its beginnings in 1981, the movement grew very quickly and by the early 1990s, a U3A was opening every fortnight. U3As grew in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and in 2008 membership was increasing by 11% every year. 2010 saw our membership hitting the quarter million mark. At the end of 2016 the U3A movement reached the milestone of 1,000 U3As celebrated by a conference with speakers including Eric Midwinter – one of the founders of the U3A movement. Today, our movement includes over 400,000 U3A members in more than 1,000 U3As and is continuing to grow every day.